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Welcome to the Recurrency Training Course!

We love jumping as much as you, and we can’t wait to get on the next load – but if it’s been a while since your last jump for whatever reason (global pandemic, zombie apocalypse, etc) then it never hurts to go through the critical components of a safe skydive. Most importantly, we all need to review Canopy Malfunctions and our Emergency Procedures method of choice so we can demonstrate it for an instructor at our DZ before we get back in the sky.

Please note: if you use a credit card to pay for the course you will see a charge for the amount of the course titled: Online Skydive Training. Please do not dispute this charge or your account will be frozen and you will be required to pay a disputed transaction fee to restore your access to the course.

And don’t forget to look for your digital credential from Merit in your email inbox when you complete the course!

We hope you enjoy this Course! Feel free to contact the SkydiveTraining.Org development team anytime with your thoughts or suggestions on how to improve the experience. We love to hear from folks!