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We have worked hard to build SkydiveTraining.org into a valuable resource for the entire skydiving and BASE jumping community. Our goal is to keep bringing the best online education courses and training content to the world so we. can help improve the student experience and keep everyone jumping safely for many years to come. 

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Our Affiliate DZ List
Keeps Growing!

Check out any of these amazing Drop Zones and Training Centers! Our goal is to keep expanding our network and working with the best DZ’s in the world to bring you the best training experience possible. 

USA - Affiliate DZ's + Training Centers

Skydive over beautiful Lake Chelan,
Washington’s largest natural lake! Enjoy a scenic ride to altitude with stunning views of Lake Chelan, the Cascade Mountains, and the Columbia River. Skydive Chelan offers the best views in Washington! Freefall with their expert staff where your safety and experience is a top priority!

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Near DC or Baltimore? Head to Skydive Chesapeake, the only drop zone in Maryland offering tandem and solo jumps!  Do you want to learn how to become a skydiver? At Skydive Chesapeake, they offer an Accelerated FreeFall program, or AFF, which will allow you to experience solo flight.  Even from the first jump. We are the only fun jump drop zone in Maryland.

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USA - BASE jumping Schools

Learn to pack a parachute, BASE jump and land like an expert. First jump courses are held in Twin Falls, Idaho and led by Miles, a professional BASE jump stuntman and Red Bull Air Force athelete. All courses require experience under canopy (skydiving or paragliding). Spend 5 days with Miles in Twin Falls, Idaho at the I.B. Perrine Bridge.  Learn to pack, jump and land safely at one of the most user friendly BASE jumping locations in the world.

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Located at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho – students of the First Jump Course are taught on a 4 day program.  During the first 3 days, students learn the basics of BASE jumping. The fourth day is advanced training to help move the student toward training for a specific type of BASE jumping such as aerials, unpacked jumps, other objects, etc.  Students will be given guidance on how to properly and safely move toward their goals in BASE.

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Where The Right Gear
Is All About You

We helped build SkyGear Hub because we recognize how crucial finding the right gear is to having a long and successful flying career.

GearMatch™ was designed to make it easy for anyone to find their first or next full kit or specific piece of gear. Please take advantage of all the effort that went into making the equipment research and purchase process as fun and interactive as possible. 

Initially built for paragliding, the SkyGear Hub platform is expanding into skydiving, kiteboarding, wing foiling, and anything that will help folks get into the sky. 

A Bit More About SkyGear Hub

SkyGear Hub is an online community resource for all sky enthusiasts. The GearMatch™ tool and custom infographic interface was central to the mission of creating a vibrant community where instructors and students anywhere can find the right gear and connect with the rest of the sky enthusiast world.